Church Officers

In addition to the leadership of its pastors, congregations in the Presbyterian Church (USA) are governed by councils which “exist to help congregations and the church as a whole be more faithful participants in the mission of Christ.” 

Ruling elders and deacons are men and women elected by the congregation from among its members. According to the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order, the nomination and election of ruling elders and deacons shall express the rich diversity of the congregation’s membership and shall guarantee participation and inclusiveness. Ruling elders and deacons are nominated by a committee elected by the congregation, drawn from and representative of its membership.

The session is the council for the congregation and is composed of ruling elders, elected by the congregation to active service, as well as all installed pastors and associate pastors. Members of Session at Cary Presbyterian Church are elected for three-year terms and serve in leadership and support roles in the work of the church. Active elders include:

Class of 2018: Rhonda Carlile (Stated Clerk of Session), Jeff Clark, Wendy Czika, Scott Patrick, Jerry Slaymaker, Cathy Williams. 

Class of 2019: Matt Donkin, Henry Gibbs, Julie Henry, Scott Peoples, Peggy Viser.

Class of 2020: Jessica Cadwallader, Tim Farless, Christie Foppiano, Katie Stuart, Jim Tompkins. 

Deacons at CPC support the care ministries of the church in three focused ways: practical care, spiritual care, and care for older adults (see more under Care). Deacons are elected to two-year terms. 

Current Deacons:

Deacons Fall 2018

Practical care – Todd Crouse, Betty Hart, Kevin Steidinger

Spiritual care – Sherry Bradsher, Russell Diggs, Hal Drumheller

Older adult care – Peg Giesbrecht,Janet Robinette (moderator), Audrey Sausman

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