CPC has a Board of Deacons who are called to care for and serve the CPC community in a variety of ways. The Deacons are divided into four Care Teams:

Practical Care Team: Responsible for providing meals, transportation and assisting with any day-to-day needs that may arise for an individual or family.

Holistic Care Team: Focused on providing spiritual and emotional care in the form of hospital visits, home visits, phone calls, prayer shawls, prayer groups, home communion, card writing and other forms of support and love. Through the work of the holistic care team, it is our hope and our prayer that others may experience God’s love in the care they receive and therefore be assured of God’s presence through difficult and trying times.

Quality of Life Care: Focused on increasing the quality of life for families or individuals. This team provides social visitation as well as connections with various church groups. Through this care, we pray you will experience God’s love at work and a greater connection to your faith community.

Member Connection Care: Responsible for connecting with new members and to reconnect with less active members.

Please contact the Chairman of the Board, Tom Stuart, if the Diaconate can assist you in any way.