Cary Presbyterian Generosity 2018

Gather In... Faith, Compassion, and Abundance.

We are so grateful for your deep commitment to the ministry of this church. Giving with the faithfulness and generosity that you do does not happen by chance – it is the result of trust, choice, and discipline. We join you in giving with the hope of creating a culture of generosity that encourages every person at Cary Presbyterian Church to carry life-changing blessings to others in our community and world.

Please make your commitment by November 19, 2017 using the form below (or with a pledge card).

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We are God’s Family through the common bond of faith in Jesus Christ. In gratitude for God’s love and grace, and empowered by the Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow in God’s love, to worship God faithfully, to nurture one another, to share the Gospel, and to help those in need.

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